Beej and Montana, she's his granddaughter

Elf's pups 2016

Cutie Pie

Bullet with another pup. He makes a great uncle.

​Dr. Redmon and Tracer

Kaska, one of Elf's and Beej's

​Montana's mom


Elf & Montana

Jas on Bullet

Kaya, Angel,




Elf, Kaya

Elf's tri color pups                                                                           

Bullet and Angel

​​​​Wolf hybrid Puppies for sale, 

​Elf's Litter 2016                                                            

And the mustangs

The black one is a male from one of Elf's litters and he's 6 months in this picture.                                           

Beej at 8

Keeva, Elf's and Beej's, she has found her way onto the Rainbow Bridge.

We have wolf dog pups ( wolf hybrids) for sale and it's an awesome responsibility to be breeders and to be owners. If possible, we welcome you to come visit so you meet all of us.  We hope that you feel the love our pack has for each other, us, and  our love for all of them.​​ And right now you have bundles of joy to snuggle with.


Bullet and Angel

                           Angel's first day

Beej                             Bullet


Tipper & Talla, mom and daughter                                     

Tracer, one of Elf's at 4 months


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Bullet and Angel

​Wolf Hybrid




Angel and


One of

Beej's &

Elf's 2016