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Snowflake and her last ever  litter​

How It Works

Wolf dog pups for sale 

​Wolf Hybrid



Being a breeder and selling wolf hybrid pups gives us the responsibility to help you determine if a wolf dog is the best thing for you.  We will help you make that decision. If at all possible, we like for you to come visit so we can meet each other and you can see our pack.  We're about 2 hours from Phoenix. It is worth noting again, that if you're in driving distance, or a friend of yours is, we encourage you to come visit and meet our 12 wolfdogs, 2 horses, and 2 cats.

After we've all decided that purchasing one of our wolf dog pups for sale is a good companion for your family, we will need a deposit to hold your future pup. Please note that we have had families who put a deposits down a year prior to whelping. It is first come first serve.

We do ask that the family with the first pick does so by 4 weeks old because we know everyone is excited about picking their pup.  We usually do so by pictures or some people come to pick out their wolf pup.

Things to consider prior to purchasing a wolfdog.  Are you stable in your living arrangements?  Do you have a house, not apartment, with a decent size yard and a 6' fence?  Are you committed to take care of them for their life as rehoming really damages their security?  They are pack animals and need another dog as a playmate.  Can you tolerate and not punish your wolfdog when they destroy things, as they will? It is a lifetime commitment.  Please, we'd like you to be as prepared as possible.