Angel playing with 2 pups. She's going to be a great mom.

ANTICS -Everybody has a

​Story to Tell

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Elf & Kaya


Snowflake's and Beej's puppies

​Tikka, may you rest in peace

​Moxy Bullet's sister

Elf & Pete

Don't let that face fool you...​(Elf & Beej 2016)

Bullet and Jas

​Wolf Hybrid


Elf at 8 months

It was a carrot cake, Kaya got it.

So I had to make another one.

We have lost 3 gorgeous

pottery lamps.  This is Chubbs, who is now deceased, and one from the first litter I named.

Having a wolf hybrid is an honor and a privilege. It's not like having a dog. They are much higher maintenance, creative, and more intelligent and you must be ready to take on that commitment. You have to toddler proof your home plus some. Elf, our high content, broke every kinder latch we had. They eat furniture, steal things off the counter, even if it's a frozen chicken, dig out, ,jump over, figure out how to get into drawers, and much more. And you can't punish them. It's just part of their nature. Never ever hit them.

You'll see that we use the terms wolf hybrid, wolfdog, and wolf dog interchangeably. 

Forewarned is fair-warned. We’ve lost track of how many pairs of shoes, purses, wallets, phones, pillows, blankets, glasses, cords, meals, remotes, sheets and books we’ve lost.  We highly recommend insurance on cell phones, small electronics, remotes, and keep a picture of everything you have in your wallet!  Then there’s the two televisions, ottoman, and two couches, that didn't survive.  Don't leave your freezer open or no dinner for you. Even in the midst of naughty behavior they will make you laugh.

It becomes a part of your life as they are your life.  It is their nature.  Yes, we get upset, take a heavy deep sigh and clean up the mess.  We never hit them or tie them up.  

We are so blessed having 13 wolfdogs who have 13 different personalities and a life that we never dreamed was possible.