Montana, 6 months

​Tracer, 5 months

Angel's pre-birthing den

Angel's pups 16 days old

Montana and Elf's pu​p

Elf, mom to Tracer and Neytiri, and grandma to Montana.

Bullet likes cookies.

Elf & Beej, parents of spring litter

Elf's and Beej's tri color

​Wolf Hybrid


 Elf and Pete, he's lost his hat more than once

​(Pete's 5'10".)

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​Montana's pups 5 days old

high content

Montana's birthing den; you can barely

​see her nose.


Pete and Bullet, aka Oaf

​One of the most special thing in the world is having a wolfdog for a companion.

Ohh, brand new puppies from Angel and Bullet born Nov. 10th.; Montana and Jas had their litter Nov. 21st. Wolfdog pups now available for sale.

We only have 1 male wolf hybrid puppies for sale from Angel's litter.  He is ready to go home!

Aren't we cute!

Hiding from nursing puppies with teeth

Tracer left, Neytiri right, offspring of

​Elf and Beej

Elf and newborns


Angel & Bullet, truly mated

​​​Contact information:

Pete & Stacy Zygmont 


Vail (Tucson), AZ 

Tracer, 2 1/2, Neytiri 1 1/2


Bullet and Elf's pup.

Real Food! 3 weeks


 Pictures taken at 6 weeks from Angel


Chow Hound?