Neytiri and Jas are expecting mid February and Elf and Beej are expecting mid March. We will have mid and high content wolfdog pups for sale.

Hiding from nursing puppies with teeth


Real Food! 3 weeks

Chow Hound?

​​​Contact information:

Pete & Stacy Zygmont 


Vail (Tucson), AZ 

Tracer, 2 1/2, Neytiri 1 1/2

Tracer left, Neytiri right, offspring of

​Elf and Beej

Elf & Beej, parents of spring litter

high content

Montana's birthing den; you can barely

​see her nose.


Elf and newborns

Elf's and Beej's tri color

Current picture of Beej.  He's now 11.

Montana and Elf's pu​p


 Pictures taken at 6 weeks from Angel



Angel & Bullet, truly mated


Elf, mom to Tracer and Neytiri, and grandma to Montana.

Pete and Bullet, aka Oaf

Bullet likes cookies.


Neytiri (it really does snow here

​One of the most special thing in the world is having a wolfdog for a companion.

​Wolf Hybrid


 Elf and Pete, he's lost his hat more than once

​(Pete's 5'10".)

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Montana, 6 months

​Tracer, 5 months

Angel's pre-birthing den

Bullet and Elf's pup.