Hiding from nursing puppies with teeth

Just born to Montana and Jas . 8 total, 3 boys and 5 girls.  Wolfdog, wolf hybrid puppies for sale.

Why a wolf hybrid?  That will be the first question I ask you.  Everybody has a different reason.  We'll talk and I'll help you decide if a wolf dog is the right thing for you. We'll talk about the pros and cons of owning a hybrid. Be honest with yourself and you surely will make the right decision.

Bullet loves puppies




 Pictures taken at 6 weeks from Angel

Elf, mom to Tracer and Neytiri, and grandma to Montana.

Montana digging ready to whelp

Elf & Beej, parents of spring litter

Current picture of Beej.  He's now 11.


​One of the most special things in the world is having a wolfdog for a companion.

Real Food! 3 weeks

Chow Hound?


Neytiri (it really does snow here)

Montana, 6 months

​Tracer, 5 months


 Elf and Pete, he's lost his hat more than once

​(Pete's 5'10".)

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Elf and newborns

Elf's and Beej's tri color

Bullet likes cookies.

Montana and Jas just had their wolf hybrid pups on 10/9/19. Elf dug about an 8' den to whelp in.  Jas kept a sharp eye on those wee ones.  Pete dug himself down to his hips to pull those pups out.  Lo and behold we got all 8.  Elf and Beej will continue as a mating pair and she will whelp sometime late March 2020.  Bullet and Neytiri will also be mating after she goes into heat which should be December sometime. 

Pete & Stacy Zygmont 



Vail (Tucson), AZ 

Tracer, 2 1/2, Neytiri 1 1/2

Bullet and Elf's pup.

high content


Pete and Bullet, aka Oaf

Tracer left, Neytiri right, offspring of

​Elf and Beej

Angel & Bullet, truly mated

​Wolf Hybrid